about Jamie McGuffog



I've been running pueblo systems for the last 13 years or so, since 1997.  Before starting the business I studied Software Engineering at Napier University and then spent about 7 years working for a couple of IT consultancies and laterally for the University of Edinburgh.

I've lived and worked in a few different parts of the UK but have now settled in Dunbar in East Lothian, where I live with my wife Catriona and George and Gilbert, our two Bearded Collies.

Born in the very South-West of Scotland, I grew up in Port Logan where my parents had a dairy farm.  They also had a retail milk round, so my formative years were spent running around delivering milk and driving tractors.   The enthusiasm for driving (and tractors) has stayed with me, but I'm no more keen on running now than I was back then.

Outside of work, I have a big passion for cars; I'm particularly enthusiastic about Italian cars, especially older ones and classics - unfortunately it's not an interest that the bank is keen on me pursuing...

Over the last couple of years, I've taken up photography as a hobby.  I'm utterly hopeless at it, having just progressed from thinking that all my photos are rubbish to understanding why they're rubbish, but I really enjoy it.