about George & Gilbert



Growing up on a farm, I've always been used to having dogs around.  And with my business being based from home, it's an ideal situation for them.  

Both Gilbert and George are Bearded Collies - they don't have the enormous shaggy coats you might expect because they're from the 'working' side of the breed as opposed to the 'show' side.   Believe me - after a day at the beach, their coats are plenty long enough.

We got George just over two years ago when he was a tiny pup, and he is one of the most good-natured dogs you could ever hope to meet.  Always busy with something, he'd chase his ball to the end of the earth.

George in the snow

George looking moody

And because we are so fond of George, we decided to get another one.

Gilbert is a full brother of George, same parents, and he is just six months old.  Hard to say until he matures a bit, but he seems less frantic than George, happier just to take things as they come.   Except when it comes to digging in the garden, which he approaches as though his life depends on it.

Gilbert, not digging


Getting these two was one of the best things I've done.  Working from home can be quite insular, and the dogs give me an excuse to go out at least a couple of times a day.  We always meet someone and end up having a chat, and sometimes an hour away from a job can be more productive than many hours of staring at it.

Despite that, I don't think I can claim them as a business expense, so it's a good thing that we've both become incredibly fond of them, too.